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Growing Your Chapter is an interactive workshop that provides officers with tips and resources for managing and enhancing active chapters. This workshop is designed for faculty and staff members who serve as chapter officers, not for Student Vice Presidents.  Participants have the opportunity to team up with the national office staff and other Phi Kappa Phi officers from colleges and universities throughout the nation to network, share ideas and learn strategies and best practices.... Details
When: July 1 – December 16, 2019
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The Leadership Summit brings together Student Vice Presidents from chapters across the country over the course of a weekend to engage in fun and interactive activities geared toward leadership development. Students will learn about strategies for encouraging and maintaining active chapters of Phi Kappa Phi while developing successful leadership skills necessary for professional development and networking. Students will leave the Summit with valuable skills for personal growth and... Details
When: July 11–14, 2019
Where: Charlotte, NC